Gartner Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide


Since virtually every IT service or application that businesses use today creates logs, almost every company has to perform log management to at least some extent. Just as every business today is a software business, every business is also in the log management business. Product teams have little success in reducing the time to market or delivering faster customer value due to constraints and lack of visibility into their own workflow. Platform teams grapple with building scalable and secure DevOps environments as organizations transition to remote work and reduce infrastructure and operations costs. One source of automatic and intelligent observability means teams can spend less time manually instrumenting and monitoring assets and more time delivering features and insights that will benefit customers and drive revenue.

Gartner characterizes observability as the evolution of traditional monitoring capabilities in response to the demands of cloud-native technologies. Research from Gartner shows that VSDPs are the key to scaling software delivery, improving security, and quickly driving value for the customer. A VSDP replaces the poorly integrated toolchains currently used by many DevOps teams with a single solution to boost visibility and collaboration. The main reason for this lack of insight is that only some businesses perform log management as part of SIEM or APM efforts.

Highly secured, with an enterprise-grade gateway and strong set of API security policies. Push your cloud past its limits with 40+ breakouts, 30+ customer speakers, and 20+ training sessions. Although Gartner does not currently cover the log management space in its own right, other groups of analysts are devoting attention to this niche. Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, is a discipline that Are Coding Bootcamps worth the time and money relies in part on logs to help organizations detect and manage security issues – although SIEM is about much more than managing logs. Best practices that can be used to enhance an agile organization’s effectiveness. Successfully compete in a software-driven world, launching product innovations for advanced pipeline orchestration, customizable release dashboards and the introduction of a DevOps ChatBot.

A full list of the topics we cover can be found on the right hand side of our website. You’re never too late to choose a cloud native approach, no matter what stage of cloud maturity you’re at. While observability is in its early stages with less than 10% of enterprises adopting it as of 2020, Gartner predicts 30% of companies with cloud-based architectures will be employing observability techniques by 2024. Unfortunately, assessing log management in the context of SIEM and APM doesn’t provide instrumental insight into the state of log management as a whole. Gartner currently has no Magic Quadrant report dedicated to log management specifically.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools: Enalean recognized as a Niche Player

Gartner defines observability as the characteristic of software and systems that allows administrators to collect external- and internal-state data about networked assets so they can answer questions about their behavior. I&O, DevOps, and SRE teams can then leverage that data to investigate anomalies, engage in observability-driven development, and improve system performance and up-time. In this sense, Gartner has a significant opportunity to increase its reader base by creating a Magic Quadrant for log management. The interest among buyers in comparing log management tools is there; otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many websites that compare log management platforms. But given the lack of depth within existing comparisons, Gartner stands to draw readers away from third-party sites if it were to create log management tool comparisons of its own. According to Gartner, Enterprise Agile Planning tools enable organizations to scale their agile practices to support a holistic enterprise view.

gartner devops magic quadrant

Unfortunately, there’s one crucial domain that the Magic Quadrant doesn’t currently cover- log management. Although Gartner does provide reports on proximate niches, it doesn’t directly analyze or compare log management platforms. We believe this Gartner Market Guide gives a high-level overview of the current market, including what to look for in vendors, so tech leaders can identify products and services that fulfill their needs. Use the pre-built integrations for agile planning, integrated development environments , testing, monitoring, security, and compliance. Copado combines technical DevOps tools, agile management and analytics suite into a true end-to-end platform that enables, measures, and optimizes your software development.

Drive stronger performance on your mission-critical priorities.

The study showed that the rapid rise of value stream delivery platforms results from businesses’ inability to streamline software development and delivery. While SOAR is certainly a maturing category, leading vendors have been offering SOAR products for around five years. So when assessing a provider’s ability to execute, leading vendors have certainly separated themselves from the pack. Gartner can bring expert-level insight to this vital niche by establishing a Magic Quadrant for log management. In so doing, Gartner will attract more readers to its reports while also helping buyers make more informed choices about the various log management tools on the market today.

gartner devops magic quadrant

Before joining Dynatrace, she was a business librarian and competitive intelligence researcher. Just enter your email address, choose your cloud location and install our agent. So don’t take a vendor’s claim of “Yes, we integrate with product XYZ” at face value.

Helping customers automate and accelerate cloud security and compliance

Robust, with a feature-rich set of API management capabilities to enable rapid implementation of API strategy with consistency and full control. To date, websites with a lower level of authority than Gartner analysts are trying to meet it. And although Gartner provides analysis of SIEM and APM, those domains are too distinct from log management to offer the types of insight that the IT community is looking for within the log management space specifically. Businesses need to compare and assess log management tools for log management’s own sake, not just as part of APM and SIEM. Thus, Gartner analysts evaluate log management tools and strategies, but only within specific, narrowly focused niches. How do you create an organization that is nimble, flexible and takes a fresh view of team structure?

gartner devops magic quadrant

Even Software Testing Help, a website that focuses on software testing rather than log management, has a top-ranking page that compares log management software. Application Performance Monitoring, or APM, is where logs serve alongside other data sources to provide insights into application performance. For the first time, they have named Enalean, the software provider of Tuleap tool, as a Niche Player. Ways to evaluate different compliance automation solutions that integrate into your DevOps delivery pipeline. We provide innovative products and services and strive to guide our customers into the transforming world of IT. VSDPs provide visibility for the entire development cycle and key-value stream metrics.

Identity and security

Or the VSDP won’t integrate with the necessary tools to support the missing functionality. This lack of flexibility burdens DevOps with a potentially suboptimal development environment. VSDPs eliminate most of the complexity in DevOps toolchains and meet the needs of multiple production teams. They streamline workflow for the application delivery lifecycle, enhancing your ability to visualize, trace, audit, and observe the entire DevOps pipeline.

Quickly identify and fix process constraints

Magic Quadrant reports are the go-to source for comparing different vendors across various vital domains in the IT industry. Gartner Inc. delivers actionable objective insight to executives and their teams. Since a few years, Gartner publishes a Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning tools. Market recommendations from Gartner Analysts on how to achieve continuous compliance alongside continuous delivery. Detect, investigate, and remediate suspicious user activity with intelligent threat detection, designed for your Atlassian cloud products. Capture, track, and report on requests with a lightweight help desk built for Slack and Microsoft Teams users.

As the new standard of monitoring, observability enables I&O, DevOps, and SRE teams alike to gain critical insights into the performance of today’s complex cloud-native environments. IBM API Connect is IBM’s complete API management solution that allows businesses to create new APIs with robust sets of capabilities. This can help to bring APIs to market more rapidly while providing a common experience for managing end-to-end lifecycles and What Is the Average Web Developer Salary in 2022 empowering developers to deliver applications efficiently with self-service APIs. Adoption of APIs is promoted through company-branded portals and community-building features, like ratings and forums. Analytics provide a deeper view of usage data so you can analyze APIs for business insights and monetization opportunities. The sheer volume of a modern enterprise’s data presents a challenge to those tasked with monitoring it, says Gartner.

Companies struggle to scale DevOps and optimize delivery because they’re using multiple-point solutions to manage various parts of the process. Often, the disparate tools are unable to manage the full process and integrating multiple technologies increases complexity, leaving your team with bottlenecks, redundant processes, and no end-to-end visibility. Plan, track, and release world-class software with the #1 software The Ultimate Guide to Create A Social Media App Development development tool used by agile teams. Atlassian Enterprise offers the business critical products, premier support, and strategic services you need to get the most out of your Atlassian applications. Traditionally, a DevOps core team consists of five to nine development and operations members. In some cases, teams also include members with a focus on architecture, IT, information security and testing.

A toolchain strategy enables IT organizations to utilize tools aligned in parallel to the activities required for a successful DevOps outcome. This report shows how IBM is recognized as a Leader with the other vendors based on its Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. Unfortunately, while sites like these may help gain some sense of which log management tools are out there, they lack Gartner’s depth and expertise in its Magic Quadrant reports. Log management is the process that organizations use to collect, process, analyze, store and rotate logs.


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